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Our Core Values

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Our Core Values

VE Trading Grundwerte


Use our experience in sourcing and supplying specialized, customized or standard materials. Our reliable suppliers enable us to quickly discuss, find and quote the products you are looking for.


We make it happen! Our biggest priority is to solve your problems in time, to disturb your production and deliveries as less as possible. Trust in the possibilities we have. You can be sure, that you will get quality products in line with the latest guidelines.


24/7 is our philosophy. You need urgently support somewhere around the world? We wait for your call. Fast reaction times in combination with our expericence could be your success in the market.


We focus on your project. In an every time faster moving world it is mandatory to focus on your needs and to minimize the overheads. We offer fast, cost saving parts in combination with new ideas.

Customer focus

We work with different sources in the market depending of required technology, savings or needed new features. What are your ideas for the next project? You can trust in original equipment by world renowned suppliers as well as from alternatives equally qualified.Customization as a standard. Think loud!